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The .VC extension has grown in popularity and usage. Serving as a preferred alternative to traditional domain name extensions, .VC domain names have the same utility as legacy extensions like .com, .net, and .org.  It has become very expensive or impossible to acquire a brand matching .com so .VC domain names are a great alternative. A premium .VC domain name helps establish instant credibility for your global headquarters at a fraction of the cost compared to acquiring a premium .com.

The .VC extension is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Registration is open worldwide, and it has been used for a variety of sites not necessarily related to that location; it can also be seen as standing for "Venture Capital", "Ventura County", "Version Control", "Video Chat", or other things. (source: Wikipedia)

Many businesses in a variety of industries have chose to use a .VC domain name to brand at. In fact, some of the highest publicly reported .VC acquisitions have occurred these past few years. Over 85% of all the new venture capital funds that launched in 2023 are actively branding at the .VC extension. 


Well-known CEO's and venture capitalists have adopted .VC domain names because they are memorable and descriptive url's speaking directly to what they do. It provides a sense of community and is accessible to all who would like to acquire a unique, easy to spell, single dictionary word, premium .VC domain name. 

So why are venture capitalists choosing .VC domain names?

Domain names in the .VC extension are still available to purchase and generally not as pricey compared to the matching .com domain names. For instance, a domain name in the .com extension may cost hundreds of thousands or sometimes even millions of dollars. However, a premium .VC domain name can be purchased at a fraction of the cost compared to the price of a premium .com.


We asked a managing partner of a well-known venture capital firm about the .VC extension and they said:


“.VC describes what we do and there are still plenty available at reasonable prices. We don't make having a .com our priority. However, it should be important to the consumer facing companies looking for us to invest in them.”